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“As a non-binary transgender nutrition expert, I understand the unique challenges facing gender diverse clients in making peace with our bodies, nutrition, and gender identity. Your work shouldn’t have to include educating your provider about your gender identity or explaining the reality of living with dysphoria. As an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® provider, our work together will be focused on re-establishing a healthy relationship to food and your own body. I aim to support your in your personal goals for recovery, improved body image, and ultimately . . . body liberation.”

More about Vaughn

Vaughn Darst is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in treating eating disorders in under-served populations, including transgender and nonbinary individuals, large bodied individuals, and neurodivergent youth. Vaughn received his MS in Nutrition from the USC, and his BA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, with a concentration in Transgender Studies, from Scripps College.

Vaughn’s main areas of focus are intuitive eating, Health at Every Size®, and body peace. He seeks to work collaboratively with clients and their families to establish a nourishing relationship to food and their body. Through his private practice, All Gender Nutrition, Vaughn serves primarily queer, transgender and gender diverse clients of all ages with disordered eating, fat acceptance, and body image concerns. Vaughn also provides professional consulting and training on gender affirmative care within an eating disorder context.

Watch Vaughn’s TEDx Talk “In a World that is Wrong About Us”

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